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Prescription Electronics ships RX OVERDRIVER pedal re-issue

Prescription Electronics ships RX OVERDRIVER pedal re-issue-rx-overdriver.jpg

Boutique pedal company, Prescription Electronics, is shipping its re-issue RX OVERDRIVER pedal with transparent improvements that players and engineers expect when using retro pedals on today’s pedal boards.

Portland, OREGON (October 30, 2019) – Prescription Electronics, Inc. is shipping a re-issue of its famed RX OVERDRIVER pedal in the same package and design as the original version first introduced in 1995. This is the pedal inspired by the 70s British-made Colorsound Over Driver, a high-gain silicon NPN transistor design, and famously used by Jeff Beck and many other guitarists in the 1970s for live performance and in the recording studio.

The DRIVE goes from clean to heavy overdrive delivering a medium-grain crunch that is very fat. The dynamics are remarkable, and even at full Drive, your guitar cleans up nicely with a mere turning down of your guitar volume. Separate BASS and TREBLE controls allow you to better dial-in your tone.

P.E.I. is keeping the original design and components used in the 1990s intact to ensure functionality, tone and vibe, while making the products more suitable for needs of today’s guitarists and bassists with added features and better grade components. We have added a transparent OUTPUT BUFFER to overcome prior problems of tone and volume suck when connecting to other pedals or amps with lower input impedances. The OUTPUT BUFFER can be switched in or completely bypassed with an internal true bypass switch, allowing the pedal to revert to its original unbuffered signal path. We have incorporated an isolated DC Power Jack with heavy filtering so any 9VDC power source can be used without injecting any noise or hum into the guitar signal.

The pedals can be are available now from the Prescription Electronics online store:

The street price is $229.95. All products are hand-made in the U.S.A.
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