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More hot air... look blue1, I realize now that you and the mod are buddies and both of you have impunity on this forum, which is fine. But it certainly doesn't change the facts. By posting the same misinformation again and again, you're sounding like a broken record now. Repeating the same fabricated information over and over, wont change the facts, the only thing it achieves is silliness. We're at a point now where it's embarrassing.

Since clearly your only goal here is to try and save face, one up, get the last word and bury the truth in the black hole of pages, I will post this again for the new readers just joining us.

FYI: In regards to Distrokid and their relationship with Spotify - Spotify partially owns Distrokid. So if you don't support Spotify, but rather support the independent music industry, artists and labels, choose a different distributor...

Originally Posted by giantbunnyrabbit View Post

Distrokid signup membership fee = Spotify gets a cut.
Distrokid>Spotify streaming = Spotify gets a cut (of both streaming royalties and Distrokid fees).
Distrokid Youtube FEE + 20% of royalties = Spotify gets a cut.
Distrokid annual fees = Spotify gets a cut.
Distrokid extra "services"? = Spotify gets a cut.
Distrokid "leave a legacy" = Spotify gets a cut.
Don't distribute to Spotify? = Spotify still gets a cut.

Any money Distrokid receives = Spotify gets a cut.

For those distributing music to Spotify, Spotify is double dipping into your royalty stream.

Distrokid website discloses none of the above.

Both are shady AF.

*If you're reading this thread and trying to decipher whats what from all of the smoke and mirrors, here is a MUST READ FIRST about Distrokid's intentionally convoluted distribution "service" (minus the FACT that Spotify partially owns Distrokid and therefor gets a cut of everything, of course).