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Best way to deal with a roofspace?

I'm moving to a property with a reasonable-sized garage (7m by 3.7m by 2.4m) that has a roofspace (1.5m at apex) above a 'drop' ceiling (~0.3m) constructed around the beams. (some plans attached)

Ideally, I'd like to keep access to it for storage (there's currently an access hole in the center of the ceiling), but I'm also aware that coupling any inner walls from the room-within-a-room I'm planning to this existing ceiling will cause problems for my attempts to soundproof the garage (for rehearsing, recording and mixing).

Currently my plan is to build a second ceiling atop my room-within-a-room, and to locate a liftable panel of it directly below the existing hatch, then make a new, thicker hatch for the original 'drop' ceiling and fill both it and the 'drop' ceiling with insulation.

Does this seem like the best option given my situation?

Cheers for any help/advice you can give!
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Studio conversion; Garage w/roofspace.-garage-plan-_2.jpg   Studio conversion; Garage w/roofspace.-garage-plan-studio-_2.jpg  

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