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My only brief in this matter is that the gentleman in question made a factual error, his contention that DistroKid takes a cut of the backend, the artist/label stream revenue paid out by the streamers. As I had just been doing some comparison service shopping, I knew -- from multiple sources -- that this was not true. Some services do, DistroKid does not, instead taking their own revenue from up-front flat, annual, per-artist account maintenance fees, with an additional, short schedule of fees for add-on services, which also includes the YouTube monetization management service -- for which they do take a 20% cut of money YT pays for monetized videos, a separate issue previously stipulated to at or near the beginning of this particular sidebar discussion.

I laid out the facts as I understand them with basic support evidence. The gentleman appeared to refuse to accept the facts.

At the point where he flat out denied that he had said what he, indeed, did say (see quotes below), I thought it best to stop trying to reason with someone who seemed beyond that reach.

I see upon reading some of his further posting that he has also suggested I accused him of lying. I'm curious just where and when that occurred. I certainly don't see it in re-reading my posts.

And he should rest assured that I certainly don't think he's lying here. I just think he simply has little or no idea what he's talking about. He made a rather foolish and unsupportable statement -- which he later denied making (also rather foolishly, since the evidence was in the thread in his own words). That doesn't mean he was lying, but he was clearly mistaken. Frankly, I'm not sure he really knew what he said.

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Come on. They absolutely do take a cut of any and all royalties for their "services" (one example being 20% of Youtube money royalties). Even if you opt out of all extra services on offer, you still need to pay the mandatory annual fees. You can try to minimize it any way you like, but the fact is Spotify is getting a cut from both streaming and any other money Distrokid collects, fees paid and/or deducted, royalty % or otherwise. That is double dipping and very shady business practice. Both Spotify (which I expect nothing less from) and Distrokid, for not disclosing any of this on their site, are equally to blame for this little scam they're running. We're talking about billions, with a "b", of dollars each and every year.

"DistroKid is an independent digital music distribution service" (wikipedia) .. yeah, right
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Wrong. You might consider getting some new glasses buddy. I NEVER once said or even so much as implied that Distrokid takes a cut of ALL royalties paid to the artist! NEVER.

One last thing -- I don't want to drag the long-suffering, hard-working psycho_monkey into the middle of this but I'd like to think that he was not suggesting (several posts above) that I was 'misguided' in this matter, simply that that was among a range of possibilities in such circumstances.