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Civil? I dont consider attacking my statement, implying that I am a liar and making accusations as being courteous and polite in the least. I am not sure why you're jumping in to his defense and speaking on his behalf.. he dug his own hole. I made a simple post stating the truth and fact of the matter regarding Distrokid and Spotify's relationship and business practices.

The average person with little to no knowledge of how distribution works and what red flags to look for, as well as those who do, clearly, wouldn't know that Spotify partially owns Distrokid and therefor is not only taking a cut of their streaming royalties from the Spotify end, but also a cut from the Distrokid end. That by definition is double dipping. And as I have said time and again, even if for whatever reasons someone chooses not to support Spotify and therefor does not choose to upload their music to the platform, Spotify will still get a cut of their money from the Distrokid fees as well as Youtube money streaming royalties. Distrokid does not disclose any of this information on their website. Nothing that I have said is untrue.

So yes, that is entirely shady business practice. Is it illegal? I am not a court room judge to decide that, but it most certainly is unethical. Have there been other more serious issues within the industry? Well, yes, and unsurprisingly Spotify seems to be involved, if not front and center in many of them. The people behind the curtain have a very checkered, in fact criminal, past within the music industry.

Why are you sidetracking this point of discussion? I've owned several successful businesses for nearly 15 years, so yes, I know perfectly well how business works thanks. Apple's Logic? Their retail hardware and software pricing structure is irrelevant to this thread about distribution.

The bottom line here is that people deserve to know what they're getting themselves into when signing up for distribution. I have outlined the facts. I have also provided readers with additional information that fully dissects Distrokid's misleading and convoluted pricing schemes.