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Turing Machines - the good, bad, and ugly (it's all good)

I want a couple of Turing Machines. Two, or more. Looped Random, and more. I want it.

Help me pick...

The typical/popular eurorack version seems cool enough. Plus it has those expansion modules. Kind of pricey for all that, though. About $200 for the base module with one Knob and a few jacks and another 2+ $100 in add-ons.

Ok. Maybe. But I want to explore other options.

I know there is a Turing Machine program in the Ornament & Crime. 4x maybe? Is that right? Up tob4x unique ones at once? Is it the same as what's in the popular standalone full-module, algorhythm/functionality wise?

Any preferences amongst you guys?

Other suggestions?