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Wiring a Sennheiser HMD-25-1 Headset Mic. . .

. . . to a Sennheiser SK100 body pack?

3mm TRS connector. 5-15V bias.

I did this very thing a number of years ago but since I was out of that biz, I deleted the instructions. So much for housekeeping OCD.

I have looked at the Sennheiser sheet on the mic but I think it's easier than they appear to make it. Unfortunately, I don't have any Sennheiser transmitters to run tests with and it's one of those projects that isn't really gonna pay for the bench time, parts and research unless it is super easy.

But I'd be glad of any experience on this. I plan on calling Sennheiser/USA on Monday unless I get specific help here first.

Thanks all!!!