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The idea is great but it unfortunately sounds a bit robotic. This might appeal to some, but here a few ideas that would make this plugin more versatile:

- control for looser timing
- control for increasing the dynamics of riffs
- Setting to adjust the sample decay, chugs end very abruptly now
- Increased round robins for chugs, I’d even settle for faked repetitions
- Amp/effects bypass for use with 3rd party amp sims

This would make the product, and the rest of the range, so much more useful.

I used Steinberg VG series a lot in the past, and was thrilled to he hear Ujam decided to revive the concept. I have a few of them already but unfortunately find myself not using them very often and NI session guitarist has become my new go-to. I do like the VG concept and would love to use more it if it sounded a bit more realistic and had an amp bypass.