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Old 1st November 2019
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While I am still quite sore about having to pay Waves to upgrade 2 plugins - Rhapsody and |Electric 88, for a memory overuse/leak bug, which I was probably the 1st person to highlight and bring Waves attention to this (who knows!!), some point in time I will bite the bullet and move these from V9 to V11 - licenses and also upgrade software to V11.

I was in touch with Waves, and they have cleverly not explicitly stated that this bug fix was included in V11, IMHO to avoid being legally required to give this upgrade away for free.

By not admitting anywhere that the bug has now been fixed, they do not admit, by implication that there was ever an issue.

I absolutely understand the rational for Waves to be a profitable business, but this leaves a very bad taste in the money mouth (wallet).. Unfortunately Waves has us over a barrel. These are two of the very best sampled instruments of their kind, and run with legendary reliability (with the exception of the now fixed bug in the older versions). And there really is no competition, excellent sounding instruments for more than a fair price - approx $30 per instrument, for sounds that once cost well over $200 each, so I'll just accept it is what it is.

Until some other plugin manufacturer promises an even fairer deal on how they treat their customers and can beat/equal the quality of Waves plugins.

In fairness Waves are definitely one of the most reliable plugins in my tool kit, with consistently excellent documentation, and a uniform general workflow across their plugins.

Why Waves? Could be nostalgia - from the days when a single Waves plugin cost over $500.... and I simply could never afford to own one, as a hobbyist.

And all those - behind the scenes reviews of popular songs in SoundonSound magazine, which will have at least 1 Waves plugin (usually many more)..

Rant over - about $15 more dollars sacrificed on the altar of the Waves gods, for the privilege to upgrade to V11 for these two plugins (will wait till Black Friday to see if I get any discounted price for the upgrade)