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Ok, I have to be "that guy". Sorry in advance... These lists are getting weird. Not at all surprised by some choices like the U87 and C800, but then things are all over the place. First off, why is the KSM32 on the list instead of the 44? I'm not even sure you can "technically" call the 32 a large cap as the capsule is closer in size to a small cap. If you're going to put a Shure on the list, I would have thought the 44 was the "sure" bet.

If you're going to put choices like the U67 on there, why are we also putting a Peluso and Warm clone for the C12/U47 choices? What was the criteria again for this list??? Are we only going for "currently available" offerings? In that case, Telefunken (even though it's not the same company that originally distributed the Neumanns) makes both those models now. Again, I just can't make heads or tails of these lists that have started popping up. Are companies paying to be on these? Are you just listing microphones based off of currently trending buzz words on the forums? What's the purpose of this new "Best Studio Gear" sub forum? Who's in charge of putting these together? I noticed Zen Pro Audio is sponsoring the sub and currently carries all the microphones listed aside from the C-800G (Which I don't think Sony even makes anymore).

Am I being the cranky conspiracy theory guy, do these lists just seem weird and cobbled together?

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