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I own a Mixpre 3 and a Zoom H6 (not the F6). Being a musician and coming from audio-interfaces, mixers, recorders etc. I find the Zoom to be much more userfriendly than the MixPre. The Sounddevice units were mixers and mic-preamps first, then recorders - and their origin is soundwork for films. This can be very distracting for musicians or audio engineers.
Both work as audio-interfaces, but: I kind of doubt that one of these will replace a "real" audio-interface in the long run. And if it is only for the tiny interfaces and for having to menu-dive every single time you turn them on.

I use both mostly for recording besides my audio-interface(-s). It's great to simply have to press record - no daw needed. I use the MixPre for serious video-recording.
The display on the MixPre is really great, don't have experience with the F-series Zooms, but as I mentioned above: even without the display, I prefer the Zoom when it comes to user-friendlyness. The MixPres are very counterintuitive for musicians and non-film users. Who would ever expect a multitrack recorder to NOT record multitracks as a standard-preset??? Just the stereo-sum of all channels??? You have to menu-dive to change this and so on and so forth.
Or: you buy a multitrack recorder and simply expect that the potis are there so set the record-levels. No, they are not. You have to menu-dive to change this. In a film-setting this makes sense: you have the recorder close to you and you don't want to change the recording levels by mistake. But for audio-people this is very confusing.
I don't want to critizise the Sounddevice recorders. It makes sense regarding their background.