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Old 31st October 2019
Gear Head

I just bought it last night. It's a $200 upgrade if you already own Multirack. I didnt know that at first and i posted a nasty about it...hence the deleted post above.

In my opinion, SuperRack is basically a replacement for MultiRack Soundgrid, with more of an LV1 feel.

The routing is much, much better than MultiRack, but still some areas of clumsiness for setup or the actual Racks I/O.

I am using 2 computers. One for Mercury+ with SuperRack, and the other is my DAW. I chose to run it that way so SuperRack is portable, as that computer was built with a case for transporting it with LV1. (I use to own LV1, but sold it a little too hot on the trigger).

Anyway, I may report back after I get more time to play around with it.

If you are a MultiRack Soundgrid user, this is so worth the $200 upgrade.