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Here for the gear

Thanks for the responses, everyone; certainly some food for thought in there and some extensive and eye opening reading.

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Some hum questions:
As I understand it...

1. The Tascam 388 is a console with a built in analog tape recorder?

2. When powered, it emits an audible hum with everything else switched off including loudspeakers. Can you hear it sitting at the console?

3. Is there a fan or motor running? Built in PSU with a vibrating transformer?

3. This noise is visible in REW Waterfall especially at 100 & 200 Hz as REW is using a microphone in the room. Pic1 (your mdats overlaid)
What kind of measuring mic are you using?

Tip: As hum is not associated with decay but rather continuos noise you can try REW RTA in stead. (No sweep) and check improvements real time.
Just click save whenever you like. (Example pic 2 Not your mdat)

1. yes, that's correct.

2. yes, the hum is coming from the machine its self and is not manifesting in the speakers (as far as I can tell); there is an appreciable level of hiss at higher speaker and mixer levels.

3. As far as I can tell, the hum is from the PSU. There is a motor that kicks in on the capstan, but only when tape is threaded.

4. I am making use of a Behringer ECM8000 to conduct my measurements.

I'll try the RTA feature of REW and see what that yields.

Many thanks!