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I think that your HDL columns about mixing were great and helpful because you covered the whole mixing process (so your audience was pretty large).
When I started this topic I thought about something similar for the recording process who would interest a lot of people.
As you said it's a huge topic and we don't have months ...

I think that the best thing would be to take an exemple as you did for the HDL column with Crease : let's say a rock or pop band you entirely recorded who could serve us for this subject.

The Starting point would be the Drums :
- Choice of the drumkit, heads and tunings if needed
- Choice of the room (small, medium, large ...)
- Choice of soundproofing materials, panels if needed
- Choice of the mics and their positions
- Choice of outboard gear to record
- Choice of plugs-in to record
- Setting up the Pro Tools session : tracks, plugs-in, Click (track), monitoring ...
- Comping the Drums : techniques ...

Tell me what you think ? You are free to add anything you want (important things that I forgot).