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Be extra sure to use the filter on 2-track masters! You surely don't want to gate the whole entire track! Also, pay attention to what the sense circuit is doing. I found that on mixed music, there were percussive sounds that were being affected over a really wide range.

Since this is not an isolation filter, all it can do is duck or filter the whole entire track, and getting isolation on just esses will become impossible. You can trigger on the ess only, just about, but if you're working on a full track with it, once you've triggered what can you possibly do? It's not a notch filter, it's either a complete gate or a lowpass filter. So set it up wisely and don't try to do too much: de-essing on 2-track masters is a dangerous game in the best of circumstances.
Thanks for the DeBess insights, chrisj.

With Mastering, I'm always on the lookout for De'Essers that deal with full mix situations.

I do have a couple plugins that look to address this ... but the choices are limited. When all else fail ... iZotope RX Spectral Editor for manual corrections ... very time consuming.