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Old 31st October 2019
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Sub and speakers make some noise at specific frequencies

The other day I did a simple test : play a very slow sine wave sweep through my sub, and my speakers.

The cone of my sub make a noise at a specific frequencies. It's low, around 30 Hz. Same for my main speakers. But higher, around 50Hz (about).

When I say noise, I mean, the domes resonate so high it creates a noise.

When I touch the dome with my hand, the noise is attenuated (I assume I damped the resonance this way).

Questions are : is it because of a bad speaker/sub design?

My speakers are in good condition, and the 'problem' is are on the two speakers at the same frequencies.

I was thinking using DSP to filter these frequencies. What do you think?

Maybe is there a simpler software approach if I have converter with multiple outputs?