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Not sure... the X-Touch One is with my mobile rig out in Las Vegas, and I'm in Macon today. But I will check that when I get back there on Thursday.

That would be extremely cool if that issue has been addressed. That's really the only inconvenience I'm experiencing in day-to-day use. Like I said, I'm not trying to push the functionality to any extreme, so it's serving me very well.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Yeah, I’m firmware 1.07, but the bank does not chase in Pro Tools. If you select a track in PT, you have to scroll banks on the XT-1 until you get to that bank; then the fader snaps to value.

For me, not a huge deal as it’s gotten second nature... but I would love that to be improved. Other than that, I really like it and my expectations are aligned with the price point.

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