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What can I do to make money in music ? I have 20 years experience

(20years experience) What should I pursue to make $$ in music industry ?
Hello all.

Brief history about me:

So, I've been involved in music and audio around 20 years now doing live sound, playing synths and keyboards, recording, mixing, mastering and producing instrumentals for songs. Mostly did instrumental production for friends' songs.

But despite all this experience I never did anything online like selling beats online or offering mixing services etc.

My questions:

What's worth doing nowadays in audio and music to earn money ?

Is it better to make beats, loops or sample packs, and lease or sell them online ?

Which websites are the top where rappers or singers would go to buy beats ?

Or better to advertise mixing and mastering services ?
(I'm 100% in the box, no outboard gear besides preamps).

Or which music or audio "service" is the best to pursue online ?