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Old 31st October 2019
Here for the gear

Tough indeed. I take it not having the walls secured to the floor is a big no-no then? Potential safety hazard?

That's a really good suggestion. I did ask him, but he had just put them in before I moved and doesn't want me taking them out, which I know is strange considering I'd be building over them anyways. I guess I can't argue with what he wants.

If building the way I had planned isn't advisable, you wouldn't happen to know of any other methods short of building a room in a room that could at least get me some degree of isolation would you? I've been reading Home Recording Studio: Build it Like the Pros and, while there are some tips in there for someone in my situation, thought it never hurts to gather some opinions.

I guess I got a little starstruck by the prospect of building a studio down there...