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Old 30th October 2019
Here for the gear

Hey Jason,

I agree it's not ideal, being a rental and all. Fortunately I am planning on being here long term and am on good terms with landlord.

The 4 walls are below ground, there's about 2 feet between joists and ground level, so pretty well isolated overall. There is one small window, but it is actually in a separate room from where I would build. There is a door leading to the main level, but none that go to the exterior of the house. Neighbors are about 25-30 feet away, unfortunately. I do not live alone, wife and kid upstairs, hence the reason for trying to get as much sound isolation as humanly possible with this build.

As for loudness, primarily mixing in the space, but with the addition of a tracking room, on occasion I would be doing live guitars, vocals. I have a drum kit, but don't think it'd be getting much recording time due to the dimensions of the room being unideal. Probably just occasional practice on the kit more than anything. I'd also point out that I in no way expect to fully isolate the volume of a drum kit, probably the loudest piece of the puzzle here. Overall sound reduction however would be nice!