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God that MTRX I truly stand behind. (and I haven't even heard it yet ! lol) And again, if you calculate it out, per channel, what you get... Not really that expensive. Its there with my Prism's. Which I deemed a better deal than people think once numbers are crunched.
But you haven't heard it...?

I heard the latency is truly the best with that MTRX, yes. And you are 100% right about latency and Avid interfaces, that's what always drew me towards them, but to me the quality was never that great. UNTIL the MTRX brother !! lol I swear I almost jumped the Prism ship. Mainly for the latency calculation as you said.
The HDIO is great quality - I've heard people prefer them to your Prisms! The 192 certainly isn't up to Prism standards, but it's also nothing like as bad as people make out.

It's not about "low latency" per se with avid interfaces, it's about how the SYSTEM knows exactly how much latency the converter itself is adding and can compensate accurately. Much is made of the Lynx being matched to the Avid converters so it's a direct replacement; others don't.

The MTRX does indeed look amazing..but so many of it's features simply aren't needed in a recording studio. It looks more like a post/broadcast featured product, and probably a price to match!

End of day, I usually don't need tech support that Prism or Avid can't handle (actually so far never had in all my years of having PT and 3rd party converters) and so far man, the Latency on my Prisms (and old Apogee's) are all workable. And I track live drums too ! Never a issue.
But that's the point - Avid won't tech support your system because it's not 100% compatible. For some, that's necessary. And yes the latency isn't an issue of course - it's just not 100% sample accurate.

Your doing no disservice man, no worries. I totally see your point. Like I said, remember, this SB thing is prob less than 30% of my work. And its even only that high cause recently I had to go there to sub contract people (I'm paying ! lol) - so don't think its all I am doing.

I personally just don't see the difference as long as they are paying. I don't discriminate on knowledge/talent or things like that. Like I said, I sometimes have bigger issues if the client is too large of a company. (late payments, always got to front the work or you don't get the job, etc..).

I like actual personalized people, as they pay upfront, and are easily communicated with. Unlike... ahummm.. *insert large popular company name here*

Keep in mind about 65% of my business is from clients that are probably more like what you're thinking I should have.
Fair enough - we've only talked about the problems (or potential problems )

Yea, so here is how I work it. (and it makes sense after you think about it) - When dealing with clients, I charge half-time ($30hr) for backing up. Why ? Well because its not really my talents for engineering being tested there.. lol and its a relaxing environment as I'm not always in front of the computer that entire time.

I think it's fair for them, and not so bad for me. I also give the option for no back ups of course. And obviously choices in those back-ups. (Session Folders only, Linear wav files, both, etc..). Most choose Sessions only. Which is definitely easy for me, so the $30hr is more fair to me in that case.

When I'm doing my own personal stuff (which FYI is a lot lately) I obviously can't charge anyone, lol. And I do both (Session Folders and Linear wav files) and both then get redundant backups to yet another drive (each) that I keep in a separate building miles apart.

Reason for the severity is I am backing up songs not completed yet and ones that are, but not released, sometimes prior to copyright, etc.. So its not for remixes all the time. Its for storage, making sure I can never lose them due to fire, theft, lightening, Zombie Apocalypse, strange acts of god, or me spontaneously combusting or something, haha

I try to stress the importance of redundant back-ups with one stored in a different location than the other to clients. But as you guessed it, only a extremely small few have listened over the years.
and that also makes sense in the main. Check out Backblaze if you've not got cloud storage already, very simple, easy to integrate with existing setups and it's very cheap!