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Old 30th October 2019
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This is a bit of a silent Waves bombshell..

Version 11 has deprecated all support for 32 bit executables, in Windows, and I guess same for Mac.

What is so sneaky is that Waves omitted to mention this, I only found out when going through my plugin list for version 11 in my DAW, and was wondering what happened.

Checked the version 11 specs and its there in black and white - 64 bit Windows, no mention of 32 bit Windows...

Most disingenuous - at least someone in Waves should have included such an important change in the Release notes.

It may not be significant to many users, but a few will be caught out and scratching their heads wondering - what happened to my Waves upgrade ?!!!!, not realising that V11 is a major change

No more 32 bit plugins from Waves.......

Typically only has an impact on anyone who still uses a 32 bit DAW....which is unable to load 64 bit plugins - like Reaper is able to.

4 months ago I was still using 32 bit DAW's and if this update had come early, I'd be scratching my head wondering what the F, had gone wrong.