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Can I run V9, V10 and V11 plugins on the same system?
V9, V10 and V11 plugins can run on the same system, as long as you don't install two (or three) versions of the same plugin. Each plugin should be installed as either V9 or V10 or V11, but not more than one version.
This what I can do then, as I have both expired plug-ins (Horizon and RS56) and others covered until well into next year.

To upgrade all my waves I have to pay $240. With Horizon I will get the Metafilter (that seems to have been added with 11) I had planned to get anyway.

Considering I got an upgrade to from existing plug-ins Horizon plus full WUP for all my waves plug-ins for $329 summer 2018 (which is what partially covers me into 2020), I guess that's all-right. Though I thought 11 was like a year away.

As I'm not likely to move to Catalina any time soon it's not as if I'm forced to upgrade anything right now. I wonder if a WUP sale could be coming Black Friday? If so I might go ahead.

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