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So then don't upgrade...? If V10 is working on your system and with your workflow, it will continue to work and this doesn't affect you. V11 seems like Waves' way of dealing with the Catalina upgrade. It's not their fault that Apple decides to radically change their OS once a year, which isn't "pro" friendly...but then the "pros" also won't be upgrading their stable systems every year either, so they don't need to be paying WUP until a system upgrade.

Waves also doesn't have the insane re-instatement fee model like Avid...if you want something aggregious to complain about, take a look over there... (one price if you keep up your yearly "support plan", another price if you've let it lapse and want to jump on again.)
It may not seem pro friendly, but more then often pros benefit from it and developers. 64-bit only will be a win in terms or performance. The new app signing will be a win for anti malware and anti-piracy. Which wouldn’t be necessary, by the way if it wasn’t for all the people out there doing the wrong thing.

Apple has a huge investment in music and now TV. They need the pros to make the content so they can sell it. It’s in their best interest to look after the pro market because in the end they benefit, p,us it’s good publicity. They win on many levels.