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I've only just upgraded everything to v10 a few months ago.

This feels like a massive slap in the face and IMHO any tweaks that became necessary due to Catalina incompatibility should have been made according to the usual M.O., in this case, falling midway into v10's life.

Honestly, what a stitch-up! I mean, what did I get for my hundreds spent ($300 AU in my case) just months ago? I'm the calmest dude you could hope to meet and can proudly say that I've never been angry, ever, but I'm tempted to feel livid right now. This is daylight robbery and IMHO Waves should automatically move anyone who recently purchased v10 to v11. No need to extend dates or anything, just move us up to v11 with the existing WUP time constraints according to our purchase dates.

Some context:
I saved diligently the moment v10 dropped and was only able to finally update everything in one go midway through this year. It was a struggle to get there, and no sooner have I been able to finally put this to bed than this ruddy email arrives.

What are you on about?
If you upgraded your wup 6 months ago, you can upgrade to 11 for free, no?