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If you just updated to V10 couple months ago, then you should have at least part of your plugin collection still covered by WUP. So for those you should get free update to 11.
Also after update of licenses to V11 you can still install and use V10 versions. At least that works for me with licenses at USB flash drive (as opposed to storing licenses at harddrive), when I move between computers. At one setup I've decided to don't go to V11, because V10 works good there and I'm using 32 bit plugins (which were deprecated in V11).

The other option, if current versions works good for you, could be to postpone V11 update, unless you have real reason for that. Maybe V10 won't work with Catalina, but I actually haven't tried that. In general I'd likely skip whole Catalina and consider another OS version say in two years. So far, as I've tried, it doesn't bring anything but issues and restrictions with forced app notarization. I'm more than fed up with yearly Mac OS update cycle, where for half of that period something is broken (either because of Apple, like screwed USB audio in Mojave.. or because of necessary updates and reworks from 3rd parties.. which doesn't matter at the end, because you simply can't update, if it's important for you).