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The Avid interfaces, you are right, they do (and have done) equivalent I/O possibilities. Another long story there, but if I went Avid, I'd only ever go with the MTRX. But that thing had a couple low level strikes against it for me (even though it is a AWESOME piece). (no XLR, etc..) nothing that important.

Man - for now, sticking with what I got as far as conversion. But I was on the fence about it, so those MTRX's are good pieces for sure. I bet the fluidity that it works with PT is just amazing and zero latency. Definitely would like it for that.
I've never seen an MTRX in the flesh - they don't seem that common in studios at all! The latency isn't likely to be that different to any of the HDX interfaces though - you obviously never get "zero" latency with digital.

The advantages of an all avid system are proper io latency compensation, and support - you won't get proper support for your system if you were to have a detailed tech issue, since you're on 3rd party conversion. That may matter, hopefully it won't!

Very true. Just 5mil is indeed a lot to do in one swoop. I'd say they have investors for sure, which puts them in a category of possibly (just possibly) doing as I said for reasons I said.

But, very possibly not as well.
No investors save the owner - you'd have heard of him

Yea, I don't see the disconnect. I will work with anyone that doesn't haggle my prices and whom I like their energy. (those two are a must). And just so has it, some of these folks are great in every aspect except that pseudo clipping one. lol

You know, one of my biggest clients whom I will not mention names, but one of the huge video game companies, are the worse to deal with. These "amateurs" are actually pleasant, creative. etc... As long as someone just pays without the price match Joe blow down the block thing, I am happy with them. I've narrowed down to only those types in my life.
Maybe I'm doing you a disservice there then - it just seems a little odd to have this massively high end gear and not be dealing with higher end clients, if not only because they're the ones who pay without haggling! but I suppose it depends...

I rarely, if ever use all 80 channels. Which is why I have 80, cause I want more than I usually use. That said, the usual session IDK, tops off at around anywhere between 50-70 channels for me and my style/approach. Of course pending on genre, artist, etc.. I swear I could easily get by on 64. So the 80 is for the overkill comfort zone. (for me).

So you caught me cutting a corner dude !! lol what I say to never do. haha. But let me explain - The way I do them linear wav file back ups is more like if you got the old Tapes from a old song. I bounce/export the tracks all ITB with all ITB processing/plugs embedded in them. This is a very adequate back up IMO, but the person *will indeed have to mix it through a console again* to get the exact flav. But all my automation is done ITB, I use the console and outboard gear in a good way that you can tell/hear, but due to my exact approach, you will get about 90% of the mix from my ITB exports. I of course take detailed notes and instructions and save them in the wav file folder of all outboard and console settings. But if this is ever gonna happen, they would use a different approach IMO anyway. So starting with my ITB files might even be preferred.
OK that makes sense - and yes I'd do the same if I felt I needed to, I just think the chances of needing to recall that indie EP I did 5 years ago is unlikely most of the time! and I'll keep detailed stems that would do for most purposes anyway.

I've had to deal with a few issues at majors from previous bad archiving efforts though and that's enough to make me want to do things at least slightly correctly!

I'd say doing it this way on average it takes me around 3-5hrs to completely back up each of my songs. Pending on track count and song length and other details/issues popping up.

(P.S. My recording/tracking approach also has a lot (about 80%) of the outboard used printed in the session. Its just how I do it. So the backup files get that too ! But obviously has zero of the final console pass)

If I did it the way you were saying (which I admit is really the best way to mimic it exactly) my god, IDK, might take a full day to back up ? LOL Seriously.
Still - 3-5hrs for proper backup, I hope you're charging!

You know, you bring up a excellent point here. Didn't think of that. A 24b file can always be converted to 32bf if that weird reason ever approached us. I know why I didn't think of that before, its because I thought 32bf was more than what it is (something happening to it also within the DAW).

Anyway man, very good point !
Exactly you're getting it!