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I don't get the fuzz about this??

My WUP is covered until Feb 2020. When I saw the news yesterday I opened up Waves Central, downloaded the new one, opened up the webpage to "update to newest version", ran Waves Central and 30 minutes later I was running V11.

No money was asked, none was sent - that's why I'm paying WUP.

(I've noticed some minor graphics bugs in V11 but nothing major. Kind of like the new look of the Renaissance stuff but it needs getting used to it)

You say "no money was asked", yet you've been paying Waves $240/year for how long? Most people don't keep their WUP current because there's just no need. Minor updates (e.g. 10.0 to 10.1) are always free, even without WUP. WUP is only needed if you want to update to a new major release, like V11.

It's only now that V11 has come out that people find they have to renew their WUP if they want to update. The question is, what exactly does V11 bring over V10 making it worth the cost of renewing your WUP? Especially if you're on Windows and don't use any of the Renaissance plugins...