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Old 28th October 2019
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When I saw the Waves 11 Announcement email this morning, I rolled my eyes and thought the same thing. Unfortunately every audio software company we deal with does the same thing.

To play Devil's Advocate, of course, first and foremost they're businesses who need to find new ways to grow their bottom line all the time. Second of all, quite a bit of R&D does go into keeping all of those plugins updated for new OSs, squashing bugs like you mentioned, and doing things like redesigning the interfaces for the Renaissance plugs. It's not totally unreasonable for a business to charge for this.

Keep in mind the Waves Update Plan. Any plugs you purchased get free updates for a year, and renewing the plan is an astronomically lower fee than repurchasing all of your updated plugins (edit: it renews for a year at a time).

Renew your plan here and you will get V11 included for free: