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How would you build it? New Studio Build, seeking advice

Hey everyone,

I have a basement that I'd like to put a studio space into. It's a rental, but the landlord is okay with me doing some construction as long as I'm not doing any major modifications to the current structure. I know this limits me, but essentially I thought I'd attempt an room within a room, 2-leaf design, with an independently framed ceiling supported on joists weaved between the existing joists and supported by the walls of the RWAR structure.

My question is, because I am not allowed to remove the carpet currently installed on the floor of the basement, whether or not it is advisable to construct a free standing structure roughly 20'x8'x8' without having the walls secured to the concrete slab beneath? (thus destroying the carpet between it and my structure) I am aware that those dimensions aren't the greatest for a studio, but it's what I have to work with.

I thought of perhaps laying underlay on top to protect the carpet and then securing some plywood to the bottom of the wall plates on top of that. This would A) avoid having a carpet floor in the studio space B) give me something to seal walls to floor with caulk and C) install laminate on top to finish the space. Not sure if this would do much for the integrity of my structure or if I need to worry?

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