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The seller is responsible for the item until it arrives to you. This means he is responsible for the packing and shipping of that item. It doesn't matter if he said 'it wasn't like that when i packed it', He is still responsible for that item to arrive to you the way it was pictured and described.

Mint condition means there are no defects and the item is in new working order.

Screw that seller for saying that!! Leave bad feedback and get your $$ back
If it says Mint I sometimes ask about scratches for guitars but
not for racked audio gear; especially not pots. (Manley VB, ISA 430 Mk2 etc). Full refunds can be a hassle.

He blamed shipping. Something like "The pots were
not loose when I shipped it" (shipped very well in OEM box with nice packing
-UPS could have thrown it a 99 yards and it would have survived).
I video every unboxing unless it's from a known store. Next time I'll wiggle the pots too.

Anyway, it could have been worse. Sharing as it may help someone else out.