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The problem with a lot of appliances is that there are really only a handful of manufacturers. You may buy into the idea that Maytag for example is a "good brand" because decades ago that was in their marketing...but these days they are owned by Whirlpool. You may have that yuppie family member that has a house full of Jenn Air...again its Whirlpool. You may get a cheap deal on Amana....guess what.

And then there's very little going on inside to service...mainly a control board (the brain), the control panel, a heating element, and a motor (plus or minus depending on what appliance we are talking about of course)... I'll use my dishwasher as an example. It came with my house, was brand new, but I estimate it as maybe a $400-500 model initially. Within 18 months, it quit working... Though I am no appliance repair person through some reports online, the control board sounded like a common culprit. It is also covered in epoxy, so you can't really repair a bad component, just buy another board. This makes repair by the homeowner pretty dead simple, but a replacement board is around $100. I sucked it up and replaced the board, and it worked for another year. Then the control panel went out. I replaced that. Then the heating element was recalled because it was a fire hazard, so I let someone replace that (no charge). Then the control board went out, and I picked up a refurbished one at a discount. Then THAT control board went out. Then I gave up. I self serviced to my limits but was not going to keep throwing money at it, and wasn't going to pay $200 for a service call on a $400 dishwasher with a design flaw. My assumption is that the circuit board sealant wasn't that good and eventually water was working its way in there and shorting it out. I suspect at this point most other people would feel the same way. But also, as a two person household I consider a dishwasher a pretty non-essential I have elected not to replace it.