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I do trust you. I agree. And I also agree to ask: please someone else chime in here if there is more to this mystery.. BTW, seriously, who did invent 32bf ?
Well, it's just maths, so I'm not sure if you "invent" or "discover" it.

Ok, I started off decades ago with the Apogee Rosetta (my first converter !)and then later advanced to the 16X's. These are the absolute penuchle for Apogee. I stand behind these. This could be a extremely long story, so I'll keep it simple, and I know I'll get flack here, lol but - Once the 16X's support was dwindling, and I was expanding I did a extremely involved converter test. The right way, blah blah blah - Summary of it all - I ended up with a JCF Latte for Stereo tracking at times when I want that flav and 6 Prism ADA-8XR's for my multiple channel mixing/recording because these hands down sounded the best between all colleagues double blind testing. (and Lavry, Weiss, Apogee, Apollo, and a few more were involved.)

The point to the Apogee statement was this - During that test I involved my old Rosetta and 16X's too along with their new line up (Essemble/Symphony, etc..). First off, their newer line up sound like cardboard across the board. The older units ended up placing above them. The newer Apogees literally ranked bottom of the list in the blind testing. My thoughts are, Apogee fell off, they completely suck now. Sound literally like the recording is on cardboard to me. Hey Prism did too as their newer units (Orpheus, etc.. at that time) sounded good, but no where near as good as the ADA-8XR's.

FYI, The 16X's sounded great. They really do. Just not the best. Apogee now are like kids toys, built for kids. Look like kids marketing, sound even worse. etc.. I nicknamed them Crappy Appy Gee's hence the statement, but I forgot y'all won't get my inside joke ! lol
Right. I have to say, in the "real world" I never see people sweating about their conversion like I do on here...we just get on with it!

I wouldn't deny Prism etc are amazing - however, you spend a LOT of money to get something a little bit better.

Modern Apogees are great. I don't know what your issue is, but the biggest studio in the world recently ($5m, completed a couple of years ago) chose to equip all their rooms with Symphony IIs. I regularly use an original Symphony, as well as the Ensemble TB in our writing room. They don't sound like "cardboard"; no converter sounds like "cardboard". It's small differences, not "night and day"; and the newer converters are great boxes.

I've used the 16X too, as well as the original AD8000s. They're all good. If they all ranked badly in your test, something was off - it's as simple as that.

I know I know bro... tell them every time. I swear its what I said, cause most the time it is vocals and I think (just my theory) they are embarrassed about something and they fix it. You know how vocalists are, its like, "no one can hear my voice like this, I only send out my voice fixed up a little".

I even tell them the situation (exactly what I am telling you guys) and say don't worry, it will be higher quality in the end to NOT process anything with your stuff, leave all that to me, I don't judge. Don't worry. But it still happens.

But it still happens. See unfortunately when working for money (not my own stuff), I have to deal with unprofessionals. They have their rule of thumbs, etc.. and not everyone listens. I admit a lot do, but not them all. (Do you ever work on Soundbetter?) Thats where it happens the most.
I don't love sites like Soundbetter. Lots of people desperate for work, trying to one up each other at cheaper and cheaper prices. like Fivrr Pro. I don't need the work, so I don't have anything to do with it.

But it's kind of what you're doing here - you're entrenched and arguing your position for something being "better" without actually understanding why.

You did understand me correctly. And from what PM said too I know you guys are against it, but it is possible even though I misunderstood 32bf to a extent, that one part of 32bf is indeed helping me in some of my particular workflows and I shall remain to use it then.

Its like a safety net.
WHAT is like a safety net? WHAT exactly benefit are you getting? You've COMPLETELY misunderstood what 32b fp storage is (not to an extent - it doesn't do ANYTHING of what you thought it did), so how is it helping you? what part of your misunderstanding are you still clinging to?!