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Here for the gear

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Yes. On the website you tell them you own all publishing. You will have to send in your copyright papers as proof, but that's easy. Did you copyright the song?

I mean if you own half, it should be on record.
The UK has a very weird method for Copyright Protection. There is no official means, method or copyright office. A piece of work is automatically protected as soon as it is created. This is only on the basis that it is an original piece of work.

If one would ever have to prove that they are the copyright holder, then proof for a date of creation is to be provided. I’m not a fan of this method, honestly. One method people use here is to duplicate their creation, then mail it back to themselves, sealed and with proof of postage so that it’s time stamped.

As of today that would be my only means of ownership. Being that I post my production to the internet, they are time stamped upon release.

So until I contact them, I’m not entirely sure where I may stand on that issue.