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I Produced For A Rap Star: Writer Vs. Publishing

Hey guys,

My first post here.

I recently Licensed my instrumental - Non-Exclusively - to an artist. The artist retains 100% of the Writer’s Share.

During the Licensing, I retained 100% of the Publishing Share.

Two months later, the artist sent me the video they recorded for their song and the video had over 1M views in 12 hours.

It turns out that the artist I Licensed my work to is a rap star in his native country.

I don’t know an awful lot about Publishing and so on, but I always try my best to understand the ins and outs of it all.

1. Am I entitled to claim Royalties on this song despite having no Writer’s Share, only the Publishing Share? Can someone please explain the difference.

2. I’m worried that this artist is going to try and avoid crediting me for my share of the composition. Where do I stand with something like this? The artist is from the Far East.

Thank you to anyone that can offer me some knowledge and advice, it’s appreciated!