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Sorry I haven't.

I use Yamaha electric pianos and they are very good, and I'm pretty sure their drum gear is more than decent.

I'm just a big fan of Roland E drums and E percussion.

The Roland Handsonic pad is fantastic too, though I don't think you can sample into it?
a friend has the Handsonic ... but it when it first came out ... no smapling, you are correct ...

i am moving away from the Alesis Stuff ... Crosstalk between pads and some other issues where click does not start all the time when you hit a loop on a separate pad ... pad linking not working so good maybe ..

too bad the Roland is so old .. 7 years and no updates .. my luck would be i buy one and next week SPD-SX - ULTRA comes out .. haha ...

yamaha is the only one so far that you can plug in an ipad and tweak !!! pretty cool .. and having the Hand Choke again is cool ...