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Guys, just how hard is it to set up a wireless lavaliere rig? The local choral has the misfortune to be betting on an Amahl with a sweet but silent voice. I know of no one on the Oregon coast in the NW corner doing this kind of work. I do not want to do it but may have to.

So tell me what is involved.

Thanks, again.
I wouldn't walk away from this kind of work. It is different than what you've been doing, but it's not that hard.

Like you, I rarely do gigs that require lavs. However, on occasion they do. I just rent and always ask for Sennheiser units. To date, these have not been the cheap EW100 series people have already mentioned.

IF your singer's lav is also feeding a pa, make sure you have thought of who is going to mute the lav when they are not singing. Some lavs have controls that lock this out at the lav unit so the singer can't do it by accident. Take a few minutes to figure this part out.

Also - have fresh batteries on hand and have spares. The Sennheisers I've used can go quite a long time without needing a change in batteries. Also - assuming you get enough time for a sound check, have the person walk/move around to make sure there are no dropouts with the distance you're at from the receiver.

Bunch of good suggestions already listed in this thread.