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yes it's still in the academic field, only parts of it are open source, but I expect to see commercial applictaions any day now.

Like Flowmachines by SONY.

I want to get into this, but theres too much to learn at this stage for me.
So I wait for more accessible solutions.

And in the meantime I ask if anybody is already using such things.

Like image style transfer, or etc etc ,people are already using it for illustrations etc. since quite a while now.

We'll see such apps and things for music as well.

I want a system that I can train with my onw music, that will help me to create more music in the same vain, but still different to the music I would create without the tool.
Also, I want it to survive me physcially.
So when I will be dead, people could still run the program that was trained by me and listen to new compositions in my style.