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Is it a true lava-leer mic (ie clips onto the tie/shirt-front/lapel area), or a mini-stalk cheek mic a la Madonna, that hooks over the outer ear ?

It very much needs to be the latter, as that guarantees a constant mouth to mic distance, with no clothes rustling or other unwanted intrusion ....especially if they're moving around the stage.

There are plenty of YouTube guide videos by Rode, Sennheiser and other mfrs on how to fix in place, set frequencies and output levels etc. I guess you'll be hiring or borrowing the mic and sender/ sure to test it at home as soon as you can get your hands on it. Batteries for the send pack....v.important !

I've used respected Sennheiser systems twice and had troubles both times....intermittent crackles and popping (faulty cables) the first time and over-modulation/distortion the second.

There will be many users here far more experienced than I, who can hopefully disavow my experience as unusual and unfortunate (and likely operator error on my part too)....but I inherently distrust the things....