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In the spirit of being childish and having the last word, let me tell you all my favorite things about the “standard 1’ spaced omnis Decca-style tail positioned piano mic” technique (TM):

1) it’s easy to setup and manipulate, and offers a nice, consistent approach that’s easily repeatable and gives a really pleasant, detailed sound to most repertoire. It even works when recording jazz!

2) if you’re doing video, the mics can stay out of the shot, even in situations where you can’t hang them.

3) it blends nicely with artificial and acoustically-captured reverb, offering some flexibility in post.

4) It works well as a spot technique or a main mic technique. When using as a spot technique for ensembles like piano trios, quintets, or crook-positioned soloists, it doesn’t displace those musicians or cause the piano spot to be too close to the instrument for a balanced capture.

Feel free to DM for more info if you’re interested. This is after all, as has been stated here already, the only way to record a piano correctly.

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