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I essentially got rid of all the audio on my hd which freed up ALOT of room. I've always been hesitant about doing it because I don't like being restrained to my external HD but cest la vie, It must be done.
I am not sure why you would feel "restrained" by an external HD.

when I started using DAWs, the computers of that time could barely keep up, so it was considered Best Practices to always put your session audio on the external drive and leave your internal drive for just the OS and the software. A lot of folks I know who have large collections of sample-based Virtual Instruments will maintain a third drive, just for samples.

I don't have much in the way of virtual instruments myself, but I have always maintained 3 drives. The internal drive for OS and software, a "working drive" for the actual DAW sessions and recorded audio, and a backup drive that everything gets copied to at the end of every session.

With modern computers, I know plenty of people who nowadays manage to run all their 'stuff' off the internal drive, but surely they are closer to whatever "Edge" of system capability than someone who splits that load across two drives. I don't understand how this could be considered a 'restraint'. It strikes me as exactly the opposite.

It frees up power and throughput. Whether you need it or not may be based on the complexity of your workload as well as the capacity of your system, but why not lighten the load?