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Do you have an example we can listen to that would demonstrate the sound you prefer? If not your own, one that exemplifies the aesthetic you’re espousing?
of course... - however, i'm somewhat reluctant for various reasons: the hostility i experience from some folks (not you! appreciate you're asking), the fact that i neither own any of the mixes nor want to bother the agents to get permission for some snippets nor bother the folks in the archieve to dig into things and a few more reasons...) - a couple of options though:

amongst others, i'm going to record and mix ron carter quartett and iiro rantala in the next couple of weeks - yeah, jazz, but chances i'm allowed to use some of the recordings are much higher, especially when i'm asking in advance (and i'm almost sure iiro woudn't mind).

or: the demo recording i did (and referred to in an earlier post) - once the competition for which the demo way made is over, i guess the pianist would be ok if i posted some of it here.

or: i could do a few pics how i'm setting up mics on pianos.

or: we could go on discussing things from a theoretical point of view.

in any case, i think any of this would need to go into another thread - feel free to start one on favourite piano mic and mix technique and i promise i'll contribute.