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I did the learn the technique directly from someone who was there engineering the sessions, who taught it to me very specifically.
that's all?!

well, possibly enough to illustrate our different approach and view on things:

i assisted someone for 15 years who did some of the stuff we keep talking about after decades: although i still have some sketches, drawings, pics, recordings (and tons of stories) from that time, although i get to work in this old place again, although i could get a friend to provide one of the tape machines we used back then (and i even bought one of the original mics we used in that studio/hall years ago), i simply do not believe that what was created back then could get re-created these days,

certainly not by clinging on to just ONE particular aspect (mic at the tail end)!

great for nostalgia but there is no way going back, for theoretical and practical reasons (some of which i illustrated in my previous post).


your additional insinuations ('your approach is flawed in that you see the history as an abstract and inaccurate concept') imo are not really helpfull either - all the best!