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Your photos are showing upside-down! Either that, or your room has a curved floor and flat ceiling...

It's going to be hard to get decent acoustic response in there. The two reasons are, as you already figured out: the concave ceiling, and the low height. There's a possible third issue: the length and width. You said 40m2, but didn't say how long and wide the room is.

OK, it's not impossible to use that room, but it's not going to be easy to treat it, and the results aren't going to be fantastic. But they can still be decent, and usable, depending on what you want to do in there. Is this going to be a high-end commercial facility, for turning out hit albums for A-list stars? Probably not gonna happen! Is this going to be a personal hobby studio for having fun with your own mixes, entertaining friends and family, and mixing occasional demos for acquaintances? Sure, it can work just fine for that! I'm guessing that the purpose is probably somewhere in between those two extremes. The more your needs are towards "high-end pro studio", the less likely this room will serve the purpose. But the closer your needs are to "personal hobby studio", the more likely it is that you can achieve success. I've done worse rooms (smaller floor area) with success, as wanted by the studio owner, so there is hope. It's all a matter of expectations vs. reality. There's also the issue of budget, time, and dedication; With a lot of money, plenty of time to design and build and treat and tweak, and real dedication to excellence in design and construction, it can be quite good. On a shoe-string budget, or if you need to have it running by next week, or if precision isn't your thing, then it's not going to be very good at all.

Sorry I can't be more descriptive and specific than that! But hopefully it helps a bit.

- Stuart -