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Would a softly played piano still bleed into the adjoining units?
An acoustic piano has very effective coupling to a wood framed floor, which is typically very effective at transferring the sound of it through flanking paths to other rooms.

I have a upstairs/downstairs setup with a wood framed floor that has a studio up and a production suite down. In the upstairs studio we have an old upright, and I also have some large studio mains that are floated (sitting on mason industry isolation springs near full deflection).

When you're downstairs, you can hear soft piano playing significantly more than someone pounding an EDM track at 105dBc on the big speakers.

Unfortunately floating just a piano wouldn't work either because anything that isn't tens of thousands of lbs will be quite wobbly when floated on iso-springs.

Maybe the rehearsal places you're talking about had a slab on grade? This is a much better starting place then wood for any sort of isolation. Decoupling is really a big deal.

The first thing you need to do if you are going to move forward with this is figure out how the sound is getting through now. Ducts? Flanking? Directly through walls?