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Here for the gear

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Is this thing on sale?

How much for how long?

We have got an introductory 25% discount price for Oxford Drum Gate running at the moment, making it £127.50 GBP until the end of November.

The licence can be authorised by either iLok Cloud or an iLok2/3 device.

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I am just trying out the demo, as this plugin seemed to be able to replace a few of the plugins I'm already using, and I really liked the demos and the simple and intuitive interface.

However, whenever I insert and enable the plugin on a channel (for example a kick), the audio goes down by around 20db. And this is with the default settings, not playing around with the trim output or the leveling. And yes, all kick hits are being detected.
And that is by just inserting the plugin. Even if I bypass it, using the dedicated bypass button, the audio is still -20db.
If I bypass it using the DAW bypass option (using Reaper in my case), the audio is back to normal.

However, If I bypass it using the dedicated button, and then bypass it using the DAW bypass option, the audio is stuck at -20db!

Anyone having a similar experience?
I really want to like this plugin, and justify spending $170 on it, however, this first 5 minute experience is really throwing me off.
We have released a bug fix this morning which addresses this and a couple of other issues that have come up since the release. You can download the latest version from your mySonnox portal, but do get in touch with us directly if you have any other problems!