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Thanks Jason,

As I said, I'm not looking for 100% reduction, and the sources are comparatively low db, no drumkit or loud monitoring. It's just presently REALLY bad sound leakage-wise. If I could get closer to normal sound leakage you find between domestic rooms this should be fine. The question is how far would 5k go? Would a softly played piano still bleed into the adjoining units?
Well, that's good, 100% reduction is impossible. A standard wall will get you about a 30db reduction in the vocal range, but really next to nothing at low frequencies. In order to tame LF you have to tune your walls to well below where you want your isolation to start. Then you need lots of mass to get a reasonable reduction. You really need to figure out exactly how loud you are and at what frequencies, and how loud you need to be. Another potential source of noise is through flanking paths. You could have a 3 story building with 5 foot thick concrete walls all joined together which would do well with airborne noise, but if someone were to hit it with a hammer on the wall on the 3rd floor, you would hear it on the first. This is why a fully decoupled MSM system is important. There are a lot of unknowns so it's impossible to say how much things will cost at this point, but isolation is not cheap or easy. And like i said earlier, you must figure in ventillation for your budget. The following thread will help you understand a lot of the basics. Give it a read and we'll go from there.

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