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All I know is that my next door neighbors have a washer/dryer pair from one of those super-expensive joke-on-yuppies 'elite' brands -- and it is ALWAYS going into overload oscillation... you'll hear it getting louder and louder until it's BANGING back and forth against its own inner workings, requiring the user to come racing from where he or she is to deal with it. (And it's happened through a series of tenants, so I'm assuming it's not just someone who can't get it through his or her head not to overload the damn thing.)

FWIW, I inherited a 70s Whirlpool washer and dryer from my old man. He bought them in the 70s, I used them through the end of the eighties up to 2003; I had to have a belt replaced at one point. (And maybe should have had the dryer element looked at but it worked well, anyhow.) They were great. (I also got his old Whirlpool fridge, which was a wonderful machine but finally died in the mid-90s, probably about 20-25 years old. I probably could have got it fixed but at the time I was fresh outta dough and just grabbed a 'dorm room' fridge. (Shoulda got it fixed. The dorm room fridge was poorly designed and small, but did work until I Trotskied it while defrosting.)
Very possible their machine requires blankets/quilts to be folded a certain way prior to washing to prevent becoming off balance. Many of the newer machines do not have a center post in the washing basket, which I suspect contributes to this issue.
My old low efficiency washer cleaned much better.