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How much sound leakage reduction can I expect for £5000? Is this at all realistic?

Here are the details:

-Dimensions are approx. 4m x 4m, 3m in height.
-Sound levels will be under 80db: low to mid volume small monitors, cello, low volume small amps, soft piano. Prior to this if always worked from domestic premises and never had any complaints.
-The room is one of a number of art studios in an old factory. Units to either side with a door to a corridor with more units on the other side.
-Room construction is board mounted on ply frame for walls to 3 sides, brick on one side, ceiling is board with large cavity above, floor is timber with a cavity below.
-Window is double glazed. Window can not be covered. Not too concerned with outside noise, mainly the adjoining units.
-Door is not solid. Can be replaced
-Current sound leakage is very high to adjoining units and corridor. i.e normal levels of conversation can be heard.
-Not diy'ing it so will need to include labour costs

I'm not expecting abbey road, I just don't want to disturb people in adjacent units with my piano/cello which I play very quietly.
You could possibly spend the whole 5k on materials alone. For proper isolation it takes lots of mass and airtight cavities. The most cost effective way is with a fully decoupled MSM (mass spring mass) system. You will also need to add at a minimum a ventillation system with silencers and most likely run electrical systems. I think it will be extremely difficult to acheive with your current budget.