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Old 23rd October 2019
Here for the gear

"soundproofing" for $5000??

How much sound leakage reduction can I expect for £5000? Is this at all realistic?

Here are the details:

-Dimensions are approx. 4m x 4m, 3m in height.
-Sound levels will be under 80db: low to mid volume small monitors, cello, low volume small amps, soft piano. Prior to this if always worked from domestic premises and never had any complaints.
-The room is one of a number of art studios in an old factory. Units to either side with a door to a corridor with more units on the other side.
-Room construction is board mounted on ply frame for walls to 3 sides, brick on one side, ceiling is board with large cavity above, floor is timber with a cavity below.
-Window is double glazed. Window can not be covered. Not too concerned with outside noise, mainly the adjoining units.
-Door is not solid. Can be replaced
-Current sound leakage is very high to adjoining units and corridor. i.e normal levels of conversation can be heard.
-Not diy'ing it so will need to include labour costs

I'm not expecting abbey road, I just don't want to disturb people in adjacent units with my piano/cello which I play very quietly.